Official Company Data from All 50 U.S. States Now Searchable in Sayari Graph

Sayari, a commercial risk intelligence company, confirms its flagship product, Sayari Graph, is now equipped with complete data from all 50 US states. By collecting more than 160 million US records, Sayari users have consolidated information on over 129 million companies and over 106 million key individuals in the United States. 

“Our mission at Sayari is to empower safer global commerce,” said Melina Villavicencio, Director of Product. “The completion of our US data is a major milestone for Sayari that will allow our law enforcement customers track down financial crime enablers in the US and help corporate investigative teams gauge the corporate footprint of any foreign entity with a US presence.”

Investigative teams using Sayari Graph can now access data from over 80 sources in the United States. This includes data from all 50 official company registers, Secretary of State offices, and Departments of Revenue for various states. Corporate data from major cities, such as Chicago, New York, and Boston, are also available. 

This state level data is further bolstered by a wide range of data sources across the federal government. These include, but are not limited to, import-export data from US Customs and Border Protection, sanctions and screening lists, US Department of Commerce registries, Securities and Exchange Commission databases, cannabis-related business data, and more. 

Illinois was the final state added to the Sayari Graph platform. With last year’s amendment to the Business Corporation Act of 1983, the Illinois Secretary of State made the state’s corporate registry available to the public, making this major data milestone possible for Sayari. Various other states have been integrated recently to our data library including Masschussets, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

Sayari Graph is the most authoritative corporate risk intelligence dataset available with 2.3 billion records on over 450 million corporations and 512 million key individuals from over 250 jurisdictions around the world. Interested in seeing what data you can find in Sayari Graph? View our complete list of data coverage.

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