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Resources on Managing Xinjiang Supply Chain Risk

07/13/21 3 minute read

The U.S. government issued a Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory on July 13, 2021, targeting a broad range of industries with supply chain and other exposure to Xinjiang, China. The advisory details the ongoing human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chinese government against Uyghur and other ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang, as well as the legal, financial, and reputational risks of doing business with entities engaged in those abuses.

We have a variety of free resources available to help compliance teams understand their exposure to and triage supply chain risk in Xinjiang. You can access these webinars, reports, and screening datasets of high-risk entities through our free Resource Center, or sign up for our newsletter to learn about new resources as we publish them.

Explore the resources below or reach out to learn how public data can help you tackle even the most difficult supply chain risk management challenges.

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Screening Dataset

Reports, Tip Sheets, and Analyses

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