Sayari Graph Spring 2023 Release: Get the Most Out of Your Workflow

Organizations depend on Sayari to help them tackle serious investigations with real-world consequences. Our Spring 2023 Product Release better enables the analysts and investigators using Graph to uncover what they’re searching for and empower safer global commerce. 

The new and enhanced capabilities in Sayari Graph are designed with an analyst’s day-to-day in mind. With expanded data types and workflow improvements, Sayari Graph continues to revolutionize the way users investigate.

Here’s what you can look forward to in our latest release:

Uncover data insights with an intuitive workflow

Every analyst has a preferred way of working. Additionally, different types of investigations call for different approaches. That’s why with the Spring 2023 Release, we’re providing users with multiple ways to see and find entities. Sayari Graph now provides the ability to:

  • Sort by relationship dates and share percentages
  • More easily analyze trade and supply chain data in a tabular view
  • Assess project status at a glance with a filterable spreadsheet view 

With improvements made to our Data Curation feature, users can shape Sayari-provided data based on their own insights, knowledge, and reasonable assumptions. Additionally, users can also have those changes persist across the platform, helping them tailor Graph to fit the investigative and analytical needs of their organization.

Get more information on Data Curation here.

Get more done in Graph in less time

Whatever your use case for Sayari Graph, we’ve made some workflow changes that help you be more efficient and effective with your investigations within Graph.

To enhance how users get information into and out of Graph, we’ve improved our Batch Entity Upload feature and the PDF export capabilities. Refinements were made to the entity upload matching logic to reduce both missed and incorrect matches. 

For more information on Batch Entity Upload, watch here. 

Risk isn’t static. To keep a closer eye on the entities you’re investigating, we’ve added risk notifications that flag when the risk profile of a saved entity changes. Every entity in the database is screened against our dozens of Risk Factors, which indicate both explicit and potential risk. 

Get more information and a complete list of Risk Factors here.

Reveal deeper data insights when you need them

We want to enable your teams to discover more by growing our Sayari Data Library. In the Spring 2023 Release, we’ve expanded data coverage across various categories, including every U.S. state, beneficial ownership across the EU, additional South America and European trade data, and enhanced Asia-Pacific China commercial, financial, and ownership data.

Sayari now contains more than 2.8 billion records with information on more than 455 million companies and 522 million key individuals. Our new data refresh cadence and daily watchlist updates ensure that teams depending on Sayari are always working with the most accurate, up-to-date information. 

Get more information on Trade Data here. 

If you have access to Sayari Graph, you should already have access to these features. If you’re ready to start mapping connections and accelerating your investigations, schedule a personalized demo to view these new features in action.

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