Masterclass: Investigating in Languages You Don’t Speak

10/12/22 2 minute read

Have you ever needed critical information from a document, but it’s in a language you don’t understand? As an investigator, you are tasked with looking at targets all over the world, which means the information you need can appear in almost any language. If (like most of us) you only speak one or two, this presents a real challenge to the effectiveness of your investigations.

Conducting investigations in languages you don’t understand is a skill – and you can learn it.

In this recording, you will learn how to level up your investigations by overcoming common roadblocks. Bjorn Kjelstad, our Director of Training and Investigations, discusses some tricky cross-lingual scenarios and walks through our expert team’s best techniques for how to handle them.

Topics covered:

  • You only know the English name of a Chinese company. What do you do next?
  • Anticipating the many ways that a name can appear in different languages (translation vs. transliteration vs. trade names!)
  • How to “read” corporate documents in languages you don’t speak
  • When to use Google Translate – and when to avoid it

Credits Eligible: 1 CFCS credit, 1 CPD credit

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