Russia Export Controls and Dual-Use Technology: Mitigating Diversion Risk

09/28/23 3 minute read

Russia continues to rely on Western-manufactured dual-use technology to produce advanced weapons systems and rearm its military. And while a number of countries have taken steps to curb the exporting of critical technology to Russian end users, public reporting, recent designations, and law enforcement actions shed light on intricate sanctions evasion schemes designed to procure needed technology.

Join us on October 25th for the latest in our series of Masterclasses as we unpack Russian trade data to discuss recent trends in dual-use technology procurement, and demonstrate how regulators and industry can leverage public and commercially available data to mitigate end-user risk and enhance enforcement.

We will discuss:
  • Recent actions taken by the Export Enforcement 5 (E5) and the Global Export Control Coalition (GECC) to curb exports of dual-use goods to Russia
  • Common typologies employed by procurement networks to circumvent export controls
  • Trends in dual-use technology flows to Russia, according to 2023 Russian and global trade data
  • Case studies demonstrating how public and commercially available data can be used to identify end-user risk and enhance investigations into potential evasion of export controls

The dataset that accompanies this webinar can be found here.

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