The first purpose-built solution for navigating global customer & counterparty risk

Investigations, remediation, and customer onboarding are highly manual processes, relying on incomplete data, all of which leaves an institution burdened with expense and regulatory risk.

Sayari Graph empowers Sanctions Compliance, Customer Onboarding & Monitoring, and AML & Investigations teams to:

  • Improve their access to reliable data sources all over the world, especially in high-risk third countries
  • Understand complex corporate structures, including intermediate and beneficial owners, and whether there is risk associated with those related parties
  • Enrich customer files and monitor for changes in risk profiles
  • Document all workflows in an auditable manner
Sayari’s graph-based technology automatically builds a networked picture of the relationships between your customers and their related parties, captures key regulatory information like beneficial ownership, and quickly reveals any connections to watchlisted or other high-risk entities, all while providing access to original source documents and an audit trail.

Sanctions Compliance

Enhance your sanctions program with integrated watchlist and global company data from high-risk jurisdictions like China, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. Sayari uses graph analytics to pre-compute ownership structures and flag any hits on a sanctions list, accelerating complex investigations and enabling compliance with “narrative sanctions” and the “OFAC 50% rule.”

Onboarding & Monitoring

Onboard, verify, and monitor even your highest-risk customers with data confidence, while minimizing reliance on costly external Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) providers. With access to primary source government data from over 190 countries, you can verify and validate customer disclosures, including beneficial ownership and complex cross-border subsidiary structures.

AML & Investigations

Accelerate global financial crime investigations without compromising on quality. Instant access to the most reliable public records data from all over the world allows you to disposition false positives and surface previously unidentified financial crime risk within your customer book. Leverage pre-built networks, data visualizations, and analytics to automate the most time-consuming stages of an investigation.

Partners & Integrations

Seamless Integration at Scale

We understand that data is only useful when it can be consumed and integrated at scale. We’re proud to partner with some of the most prominent technology and product infrastructure companies in the world to enable our enterprise clients’ success.

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