Global Data + Graph Analytics

Sayari is designed from the ground up to help analysts and investigators combat financial crime, illicit networks and gain visibility into opaque markets with specific focus on strategic rivals, rogue regime governments, and permissive emerging markets exploited by transnational organized criminal networks. Sayari exposes shell companies and layered ownership structures with a single click so users can map adversary networks across borders, establish links between illicit financial actors, their infrastructure, and related business structures and transactions.

Analyze and understand complex cross-border networks of commercial and financial relationships:

Comprehensive coverage of hard-target countries, denied areas, and strategic rivals, such as Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba.
Unparalleled coverage of global offshore financial centers, such as Aruba, Bermuda, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Malta, Panama, Switzerland, the UAE, and more.
Differentiated coverage of permissive emerging markets exploited by organized criminal networks, such as Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Cyprus, Ukraine, and the Balkans.
Collaborate across users, share and document workflow, and save, organize, and export original source records, entity profiles, searches, and network graphs in a variety of formats.

Product Features

Flexible deployment and integration models including secure cloud user interface, API, and data subscriptions.

The Tool of Choice for Illicit
Network Analysis:

Defense & Intelligence

Feed finished intelligence products, conduct data-driven analyses, and support outreach efforts with law enforcement and partners.

Law Enforcement & Regulatory

Trace the proceeds of crime and corruption across the world, identifying shell companies, financial connections, and recoverable assets, all while using court-admissible documents.

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