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Global Data + Official Sourcing

Sayari leverages global data and graph technology to enhance complex, cross-border investigations and enforcement. Trace the proceeds of crime and corruption across the world, identifying shell companies, financial connections, and recoverable assets, all while using court-admissible documents.

Our Product:

Sayari uses open source data and graph technology to match and resolve people and companies across disparate datasets and jurisdictions, automating key steps of data collection and processing in order to free up analysts and investigators to focus on higher-level questions.

We Can Help With:

Global data and graph technology for complex, cross-border investigations so you can:

Expose shell companies and layered ownership structures with a single click, even across borders, with access to hundreds of millions of pre-computed commercial networks.

Discover previously unknown entities owned, controlled, or acting for or on behalf of known criminals, designated terrorists, traffickers, and human rights violators.

Trace the proceeds of crime and corruption, identifying financial connections and recoverable assets all over the world, using court-admissible documents, including corporate and tax filings, voter and vital records, land and real property ownership, litigation, and more.

Ensure industry compliance with sanctions, export and import controls, and other enforcement and regulatory actions.

Beneficial Ownership & Financial Data Intelligence

Access millions of official public records and fight financial crime. Sayari provides world-wide beneficial ownership and financial intelligence data at scale.

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