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The Sayari global dataset is easily exploited to feed finished intelligence products, data-driven analyses, economic and trade sanctions targeting efforts and packages, and can be leveraged in support of tactical and strategic outreach efforts with law enforcement and partners.

Our Product:

Sayari’s graph-based technology automatically builds a map of relationships between customers and their associated parties, provides answers to key regulatory questions such as beneficial ownership, all while providing access to original source documents and an audit trail.

We Can Help With:

With access to billions of primary source records, you can gain visibility and insight into hard-target countries, denied areas, and strategic rivals to:

Discover sensitive foreign national security information hiding in plain sight, as well as evidence of illicit finance, proliferation, trafficking, and more.

Protect supply chains for critical technologies and major defense and national security acquisition programs.

Expose shell companies and layered ownership structures across borders with pre-built networks and graph analytics for automated insights.

Leverage hundreds of millions of pages of documentary evidence for improved decision confidence.

Beneficial Ownership & Financial Data Intelligence

Access millions of official public records and fight financial crime. Sayari provides world-wide beneficial ownership and financial intelligence data at scale.

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