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Accelerate Decisioning With Shareable, Connected Data

Criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated, yet regulators expect holistic risk identification. Highly manual processes with incomplete and unreliable data drive volumes of false positives that complicate the investigative process.

Our Product:

Sayari’s graph-based technology automatically builds a map of relationships between customers and their associated parties, provides answers to key regulatory questions such as beneficial ownership, all while providing access to original source documents and an audit trail.

We Can Help With:

Sayari automates the most time-consuming stages of investigations with pre-built relationship maps sourced to the most authoritative data from around the world so you can:

File more comprehensive and valuable SARs/STRs with actionable narratives.

Automate time-intensive data collection globally.

Improve information sharing between first and second lines of defense.

Detect and prevent emerging risks and decrease the need for RFIs.

Beneficial Ownership & Financial Data Intelligence

Access millions of official public records and fight financial crime. Sayari provides world-wide beneficial ownership and financial intelligence data at scale.

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