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Determining Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Legal definitions of ultimate beneficial ownership differ from country to country. It can broadly be defined as the natural person(s) who ultimately owns or controls an entity. More often than not, this means the ability to control the transactional activity of a company or asset.

Determining Ultimate Beneficial Ownership
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What is Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)?

The ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of a company must be a natural person—that is, an actual person and not another company. For example, let’s say our target company lists a person as its sole shareholder. That person is its legal (or registered) owner. He or she is also its UBO. In this case, identifying beneficial ownership—the right to control transactional activity—is straightforward.

Why Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Matters?

Across the world, legal entities are afforded great flexibility and maneuverability—often at the cost of transparency and legal liability. These features, while in many ways great for a thriving business environment, make detecting traditional risk indicators and protecting against costly liabilities exceedingly difficult.

Where to find Ownership Information in Other Official Documents?

Ownership and control information can appear on many types of public records, such as tax filings, annual accounts, and reporting documents required by foreign governments to do business in their countries.

Sayari Graph Product Features:

Normalized Global Public Records Data

Our proprietary pipelines collect, extract, enrich, match, and analyze high-value public information from over 150 countries.

Multilingual Search Across Jurisdictions & Attributes

Sayari Graph enables users to search records from around the world with the freedom to select specific data attributes or free text search.

Original Source Documentation Provided for Every Relationship & Attribute

Official public records are essential to understanding the ownership and control links tied to potential clients, vendors, or targets of an investigation.

Navigate & Visualize Cross-Border Corporate Hierarchy, UBO & Subsidiary Structures

Sayari Graph enables users to quickly navigate complex, cross-border corporate structures with network visualizations powered by custom graph-based matching and entity resolution models, built on a foundation of investigative and regional domain expertise.

Data Refreshes & Timeline View of Corporate Entities

Sayari provides time-stamped copies of records after every data refresh cycle so users can rewind ownership history and assess historical changes.

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Determine Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

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