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Using the Central Bank of Russia to Identify UBO

08/19/20 4 minute read

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Using the Central Bank of Russia to Identify UBO

Ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) can be one of the most difficult pieces of information to identify when investigating entities with a global network. Follow these steps to identify a company’s UBO via the Central Bank of Russia.

Tracing Connections from an Iraqi Businessman to Sanctions Evasion by Saddam Hussein

Understand how to manage and ultimately reduce exposure to risky networks by mapping networks and past sanctions evasion schemes. Download the report today.

Snippets From The Download:

How to find a Russian company’s UBO?

If a Russian financial institution is involved in a network of interest, Russian public records can help reveal a company’s UBO.

Inurl Search

The inurl search operator allows you to restrict Google search results for a query to a specific URL.

Russian Banks and Public Records

In Russia, banks — among other types of financial institutions — are required to publish disclosures about their financials, administration, and corporate footprint.

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Sayari provides data intelligence platforms to power the fight against financial crime, increase corporate transparency in high-risk places, and support critical national security mission sets. The top global financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, financial crime regulators, and enforcement agencies in 35 countries trust Sayari every day.

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