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Navigate & Visualize Cross-Border Corporate Hierarchy, UBO & Subsidiary Structures

Sayari Graph enables users to quickly navigate complex, cross-border corporate structures with network visualizations powered by custom graph-based matching and entity resolution models, built on a foundation of investigative and regional domain expertise.

Tracing ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) can be especially challenging if an individual’s financial assets are held by offshore companies in locations where the disclosure of corporate ownership is not required.

Sayari collects data from opaque jurisdictions and hard-target countries, including but not limited to, China, Russia and Iran.

We use this data to trace corporate entities across borders and identify illicit networks, whether they are used for money laundering, terror financing, or sanctions evasion.

What’s more, you have access to all the original source documentation in the platform to build your case.

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Access millions of official public records and fight financial crime. Sayari provides world-wide beneficial ownership and financial intelligence data at scale.

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