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Sayari Graph enables users to simultaneously search across multiple jurisdictions (or globally) with the freedom to select specific data attributes or free text search. Over 1 billion pages of official public records have been collected and ingested, with attributes parsed to allow users to navigate freely without the cumbersome query limitations of native registries or the operational security concerns of running repeated queries in high-risk countries.

Queries can be simple or advanced, in English or original script.

Built-in language analyzers match your English-language search terms with native language records all over the world.

You can also translate the text of any original record or entity profile.

Native registries often restrict search parameters to individual name or company queries. Graph unlocks the ability to query by individual name, company name, personal identification number, tax ID, date of birth, address, and phone number, as well as many more data attributes. The ability to query virtually anywhere within a public document is crucial to find connections between individuals and corporate entities that often remain hidden. With a single query, users can simultaneously search company databases in China, Mexico, Panama, and offshore jurisdictions; corporate registration documents in Iraq and Turkey; property records in Switzerland and Lebanon; and vital records in Jordan and Venezuela.

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Access millions of official public records and fight financial crime. Sayari provides world-wide beneficial ownership and financial intelligence data at scale.

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