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2023 in Review: Supporting Compliance with Public Data

12/08/23 5 minute read

2023 brought many changes to the compliance and supply chain management world. With a host of new regulations to grapple with, compliance teams had a great deal of risk to manage. 

Our team of analysts have spent countless hours monitoring global events and policy shifts to ensure we understand the climate that analysts and investigators must navigate. Throughout the year, our team crafted helpful guides and informative masterclasses aimed at helping our users learn how unified public data can be a vital asset to mitigating risk efficiently and effectively. 

In case you missed it, we’ve compiled a selection of our best materials on the most relevant topics from this year, which we hope you’ll find useful to your investigative and compliance efforts.

Forced Labor Prevention

Since the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) went into effect last year, forced labor prevention has become a top-tier compliance challenge. Around the world, a host of policies — some established, some new — have complicated the compliance landscape and threaten to disrupt supply chains. 

The Sayari Analyst Team compiled a host of strategies for importers looking to stay in compliance with international laws and avoid forced labor risk in their supply chains. 

Read our case study to learn how Chef Works enhances their forced labor compliance program with Sayari.

Download our cheat sheet for a handy guide to five forced labor laws from around the globe.

Semiconductor Trade 

Another hot topic in 2023 was the increase in trade controls surrounding the semiconductor industry. Over the last several decades, the semiconductor chip has become a lynchpin of military, economic, and geopolitical power.

On the heels of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, the United States has continued to double down on their efforts to keep these sensitive technologies out of the hands of potentially nefarious actors. Throughout this year, we covered updates to export controls and regulations surrounding the semiconductor industry to help multinational companies stay abreast of changes and remain in compliance. 

Watch our webinar with economic historian Chris Miller that explores key concerns for the semiconductor industry. 

Read our blog post covering the outbound investment executive order aimed at protecting sensitive technologies.

The Great Power Competition 

The deepening rivalry between the United States and a number of countries with conflicting interests has been hailed as a new era of strategic competition, called the “great power competition.” Strategic competition has emerged primarily with China and Russia, compelling the U.S. national security community to innovate new tools of economic security and lawfare to maintain strategic advantage. 

The relationship between China and the United States has entered a new phase in which the existing bilateral relationship is deteriorating. And in the case of Russia, the U.S. has continued to issue far-ranging sanctions. It’s likely that strategic competition will continue to be a pressing concern, so read up on our latest research and coverage of the top issues to know regarding this topic. 

Watch our webinar with the Atlantic Council to learn their recommendations on how to combat Chinese economic statecraft. 

Read our blog post to learn about the tri-seal compliance note issued to prevent sanctions evasion efforts.

Trade Regulatory Challenges 

In so many ways, global trade has been in a state of flux this year. Importers and exporters have had to face a number of new policies that all have the potential to disrupt supply chains. 

From the EU Deforestation Regulation to sanctions and so many more, our analyst team has kept up with the latest news in trade regulations to provide our users with strategies for mitigating supply chain risk. 

Watch our masterclass to learn how trade data can be used to quickly identify sanctions diversion risk for dual-use goods.

Read our ebook to gain insight into the leading export control priorities and how to mitigate risk.  

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